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At ZONKT we aim to Ditch the Ordinary, not just in design, but in how your clothes is made.

You see, we don't just make the most *EPIC* Fashion + Textile Designs.

We want to diversify the worlds approach to design + fashion.

To create opportunity for people to share their personality through design and empower them to live consciously. [Read more]


Make your brand POP!

NO Fuss • NO limits • NO BS

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Customer Reviews

"OMG I bloody love them! They fit like a dream.

Honestly the BEST leggings I have ever bought.

Can't wait to purchase more." - Margot

"Wow, the quality in these leggings honestly

brought tears to my eyes. They are hands down...

without a doubt the BEST pair of leggings I've owned.

So comfortable! Thank you. Your designs are next level amazing!" - Tammy

"I never thought that I'd love a sweater as much as this, the feel of material and the fit is amazing!

I'll defiantly be checking out your next release!" - Talia

"Bloody love them... I have donated all

my other leggings to the local charity shop,

none of them even come close to your fabulous leggings" - Maree