We are a fashion & design brand, creating textile designs for creatives & business. Parallel to our own range of women's fashion & accessory pieces.

We *Ditch The Ordinary* with our designs and approach to fashion.

Being a passionate sustainably conscious brand, our fashion collections are launched via closed releases. Meaning we only print, cut sew what you order during the 3 days [Yep, that's right 3 days!] the collection release is open. By doing so we can continue to release new prints each month + eliminate fabric waste.

We use recycled, up-cycled and re-purposed fabrics where possible and all of our fabric offcuts are 100% recycled. Not one piece goes into landfill.

We also keep all our fabric printing and sewing here is Australia. Printing and making ALL our pieces in Western Sydney.

We also deviate from the norm, with our textile design services. Offering a variety of licensing types to suit ALL creative and business needs. [read more].

At Zonkt®️ we are passionate about continuing to making quality fashion using new and innovative sustainable fabrics, whilst creating fashion and textile designs that also elevate our clients and our own colour lovin' community to Ditch the Ordinary! 


We have some exciting plans for next year!

We can't spill all the beans just yet, buttttt!!! what we can say is there will be more!

More product... more Zonkt trademark colour... more kicking those sustainability goals [which you know we are VERY passionate about].

2021 is all about *more*, done right!... it's going to be amazing!

Make your Brand POP!

with a ZONKT Textile Design. From our *Free* downloadable, Custom made creations and everything in between. We have designs to fit any business or budget. So what are you waiting for...

Ditch The Ordinary

Your Feedback

45% of our customers are returning customers...

"OMG I bloody love them! They fit like a dream. Honestly the BEST leggings I have ever bought. Can't wait to purchase more of your creations in the future." - Margot

"Wow, the quality in these leggings honestly brought tears to my eyes. They are hands down... without a doubt... the BEST pair of leggings I have owned. So comfortable! Thank you Kim. I will defiantly be a returning customer. A girl can never have enough leggings, and your designs are next level amazing!" - Tammy

"This is my 1st sweater I've brought from you and I never thought that I'd love a sweater as much as this... the feel of material and the fit is amazing! I'll defiantly be checking out your next release and also leggings not too!" - Talia

Come say hi...

"Join us on INSTA for releases dates, new prints + loads of BHS action via our Insta-Stories.

But I must warn you, I can *talk the legs of a chair*. So if you love incessant talking, lots of hand gestures, a crapload of colour + maybe the odd *poodle* photo bomb, then I can pretty much guarantee you'll love it" - Kim xx