About Us

Zonkt - Fashion & Textile Design by Kim Spiteri


Is a fashion brand & design studio.

Providing alternative textile designs for creatives & small businesses.

Parallel to their independent range of handmade women & kids fashion pieces.

All unique & sustainably handmade by owner & designer, Kim Spiteri in Western Sydney, Australia.


The woman behind the brand

Prior to launching Zonkt back in 2013.

I was a Business Performance Manager for a large insurer, starting in the industry straight out of school.

Quite literally too, starting 4 days after my year 12 formal, at age 17. 

Although I had always longed for a job in design.

But it wasn't until my 2nd child (some 16 years later) that I started to tap back into my passion and learnings from school.

Teaching myself the skills needed to create a design business.

I started Zonkt Designs in August 2013 & since then it has grown quite a bit from where it first began.

I moved away from custom designed wall hangings & kids art displays, into learning textile design.

Stay up for hours, once the kids were asleep, teaching myself new programs & skills. Sometimes not getting to bed till all hours of the early morning. But I had toddlers, so it wasn't like I was sleeping anyway.

I began working with manufacturers, to print and make my clothing.

Initially it was great and the products were fantastic, they had to be. I'd NEVER sell something I didn't love or wouldn't wear myself.

But I found overseas manufacturing had it's limitations, especially for my small scale.

I hated that I couldn’t control styles, sizing, choose sustainable fabrics or truly know if ethical practices were being adhered to. 

So at the end 2017, I dropped "Designs" from my business name & registered Zonkt® as a registered trademark brand.

It was here that my passion had changed.

I wanted my brand to provide a slow, handmade, ethical fashion alternative to my customers.

To use high quality sustainable fabrics.

Controlling over supply & unnecessary production waste by making majority of products pre-order. Having ONLY those products ordered made.

I wanted to source from Australian fabric printer, that were ethical & printed on stretch fabrics, I mean the less ironing the better, right?

So I found this amazing recycled polyester fabric I wanted to use for leggings. It was recycled from industrial & oceanic plastic waste by Econyl®.

I just had to have it.

But finding Australian printers with low MOQ's who used it wasn't easy.

It was by sheer accident that I fell across a small local printer up the road that stocked the EXACT recycled polyester I was so sort after using.

It was meant to be!

So fabric was sourced, now what to do?

Yep, it was back to late nights teaching myself how to sew!

But this time I ALSO had to learning how to design pattern cuts & then how to grade them into all the sizes I wanted to make. It was no easy task.

I had my daughter as the guinea pig and a base to start with.

It's from here I developed all my kids pattern cuts to be tested by a HOST of little legging testers in all shapes and sizes.

A few more learns, some fails and then some more learns…

I finally December 2017, I launched my own fully designed, cut, printed and hand sewn kids leggings.

Phew! I did it!

or had I?

As much as my new kids leggings were loved. It was clear that it wasn't what my customers truly wanted.

They didn't want leggings just for kids.

They wanted unique printed fashion they could rock themselves!

So, I listened.

Starting the journey to expand into Women's apparel.

Firstly I started with Women Sweaters.

New, cuts, new styles, new pattern designs, a whole lot of testing later in April 2018 I launched my Women's Apparel range.

The response was more than I could have expected.

With my 2nd release of women's sweaters exceeding 50 orders.

That's a LOT for this newb solo sewer.

In October I launched my sort after Women's Leggings amongst the talented Girtsquad team.

Releasing a independent Zonkt own range in November. 

2018 was a HUGE year! and boy am I thankful.

I am SO completely overwhelmed by my customers.

They have allowed Zonkt®️ to go from simple art wall hangings, to a fully registered trademark brand offering handmade fashion and sort after textile designs for other business to use and thrive.

I have worked with amazing businesses over the years, such as… Kenzie CollectiveTop Knot GirlLittle and LuxeOwns it!Little Party Dress… and I am always open to future collaborations and design adventures with other passionate creatives.

I will always continue to learn, develop my skills as a designer and as a business woman.

To listen to my customers for their guidance and inspiration to grow.

To champion fun textile designs, sustainable handmade fashion and encourage everyone to be their own kind of fabulous!

Kim xx

Zonkt - Fashion & Textile Design by Kim Spiteri