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Custom Designs

Ok, so your loving our designs but feeling you need a little more TLC for your product or project.

Our Design Wizard - Kim, would LOVE to bring your design ideas to life.


Keen to get in touch?

Scroll down below and fill in the contact form or pop us an email: zonktdesign@gmail.com
Once you get in touch we provide a simple 3 step process before we start.
  1. Initial Quotation (based on initial contact information).
  2. Detailed Design Brief (Including all costings, timeframes, colours reqs, file formats)
  3. Project Design Invoice - 20% Deposit required before we commence.
and then we get designing.

Tips when hiring a designer...

Kim has been designing Surface pattern designs for nearly a decade and has a few tips for clients when hiring a surface pattern designer...

  • Contact your printer / production house prior to starting design work to ensure you know the file size, file type specifications or colour requirements (CMYK or RGM) before to working with your designer. These things are EXTREMELY difficult to alter (if at all) after a design is made. 
  • Be clear on your expectations of your designer. If your designer commonly designs shapes and flat untextured designs, do not expect they will have the capability to design a 3D detailed illustration. Artists / Designers are not *jacks of all art types*. If you like their designs, then thats the style your opting to receive, remember that.
  • Expect a Design Brief! Especially for design projects (containing more than a single design) A designer should be clear on cost, not just initially but additional costs and changes to alter the initial agreed design. Any change to a design takes time. Moving an element or changing a colour could mean complete re-make (depending on the medium used) of the design, so this will come at a cost. The Design Brief should provide both client and designer a clear plan of all elements during the design process, from cost, to timeframes, file formats, design scale, design scope and even all HEX or PMS colours used within the design. This should be the tool used to keep the project on plan and track in creating your design.
  • Trust in the designer. There is a reason you chose your designer, and sometimes it can take a few attempts to get the mojo right when designing, clear feedback is imperative, but remember we are people too, who are very passionate about what we make, we want our design to be the best, just as much as you do! If your product shines, so do we.