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Design Licensing

Design Licensing


At ZONKT we are all about ditching the ordinary when it comes to design.

Initially, when starting out in the Surface Pattern Design world 8 years ago, we offered a plethora of designs licensing options... Free, General, Industry Exclusive and Exclusive.

But after many years of designing, we just want to keep it simple, not just for us, but for you too.

No more fussing on print limits or time limits, or even what products you a can and can't use them on.

Just not more *BS* rules, you see we'd rather focus on the designing, not the all the *rules* around them.

So we've ditched them!

Now only two kinds of design licensing.

General or Custom.

General Design

Our General Lease are ALL the ones you can download direct from the website.

General meaning the design is open for anyone to purchase to print and sell or make and enjoy, at whatever scale you choose.

There is not limits on who can purchase, how often or how many. No print limits, no time limits... just none of the BS.

Because these designs are ready and available to download, you can purchase at any time 24/7, no waiting for someone to get back to you, just download and go!

See no BS, just simple ZONKT designs!

Custom Design

Well the name says it all. 

We will design a custom exclusive design just for your brand, in either one of our trademark Kawaii or Acrylic styles.

Have a design in mind? or see something on the website (or insta) that you like but want to tweak?

Then pop us an email... zonktdesign@gmail.com and we'll discuss your options provide a design brief and look to make your design dreams a reality!

Copyright Retained © in accordance with Zonkt® – Registered Trademark 

In accordance with copy right law and intellectual property law you can not on-sell, altered or claimed this design as your own design or artwork.

For full licensing details please review the ZONKT®️ Design License Agreement