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Our Story

Our Story

ZONKT®️ was established in 2013, by Creative Director + Founder Kim Spiteri after she left corporate world, following the then lack of work life balance available for postpartum women.

Over the past 8 years, Kim has grown  ZONKT®️ into a renowned brand + surface design studio.

From learning how to transform her digital and tangible artworks into repeat pattern designs for clients. To expanding out of her comfort zone in 2017 making her own fashion range of leggings, sweater + accessories.

But then 2020 came... [no introductions needed here].

And just like for so many other businesses, things slowed down...like right down.

Kim then began re-think and reassess her brand and the needs of her family [we see you.. homeschooling & new co-partner working space].

So, she began to focus more on creating new designs for her clients, providing design services & pursing new alternative Australian made products for her loyal customers, still so eager for her trademark designs.

Kim says:

"Everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn't feel so at the time... optimism is not the belief that bad things wont happen, it's believing you have the strength to get through it.

It has defiantly take strength, but I am excited for the opportunities it has made, things I've wanted to pursue but hadn't and things I wouldn't of considered and now do eagerly. 

I don't think anyone would dare to predict the future, given the last 18 months. But if I have a say in it ZONKT®️ will still be here, creating designs that spread fun and joy into the world.

We will continue to be passionate about our Australian made products and our gorgeous loyal ZONKT®️ loving customers."

Recent publication:

Kim Spiteri - Zonkt®️ was recently featured in Australia's top 100 Surface design talent Pattern Pulse