Pre-Orders - How it works...


How do pre-orders work?

We operate a little different than most fashion brands...

You see, here at Zonkt®️ we are all about true slow, sustainable fashion.

This means we only print, cut + sew what you order via closed releases.


What is does a closed release mean?

A closed release at Zonkt is when a garment design has an open + closed date.

We usually open a release for a 4-5 day period, with a set number of units for that release.


What if I miss the closed release, when will there be another release?

We aim to do a release the 2nd Thursday of every month, to keep it consistent for our Zonkt tribe. 

With each release, comes new designs. Which means we won't always have the same designs available in each release. 

The best way to keep up to date with new releases is via Instagram. Our main platform to engage and keep you informed of whats coming and most importantly, when. 


What if an items sell out before the release closes?

Sometimes we do sell out. Quite regularly actually.

We do try to offer as many quantities in each release as we can, however we are only a very small business and can only make so much. We try to improve and expand where we can, but we do not wish to deviate from our ethos of making only what you order. Outside of readymade pieces from remaining fabric or product pattern testing.

We do encourage everyone who is keen for a specific release to order as soon as it goes live, to help aid in possible disappointment. 


How long does it take to get my pre-order?

Once a release has closed we order the required amount of fabric from our *AMAZING* Aussie printing family.

Then I (Kim) hand cut *every* single piece. It's then bundled together to be sewn, packaged and sent to its forever home.

I allow 5 > 6 weeks from the release close date, and this is detailed in every product on the website. But we have commonly completed releases within 3 > 4wks, which is *super* fast + pretty incredible.


Why don't you have stock we can buy straight away.

We do have a very small amount of *Ready Made* items available in the *Ready Made* drop down menu, that can be purchased at any time.

Quantities are limited and this is because they have been made from remaining fabric from past releases or fabric we may be testing or sometimes just new product cuts we are designing, seeing how customers enjoy them and whether we should add them to our main line-up. 

We also ready make our accessory items, as most are also made from leftover fabric and we are all about using as much of our off-cuts and recycling fabric as much possible.


Why do you choose to do pre-orders and closed releases?

We are not ones to follow the 'norm' and we are pretty passionate about being a sustainably conscious brand and by only making what is ordered, we can regularly release new prints without the need to push old unwanted stock. 

This kind of process can be a little foreign to some, we know this isn't the usual fast fashion many are used to.

But by making clothes in this fashion means we can limit fabric waste, reduce landfill and ensure we are producing pieces that already has a home to go to, well before the fabric has even been printed.

We like to *Ditch the Ordinary* and we are pretty bloody proud it too!